Attn: Plumbers 

Do You Need to Promote Your Plumbing Business Without Paying an Agency, SEO or Website Firm Thousands of Dollars Per Month?


My name's Al, and over the years I've helped hundreds of business owners with their online game. Many of them were plumbers just like you.

Before your eyes glaze over and you tune out, you can relax, I'm not selling websites or $180/hr marketing services.

I'm now helping hundreds of plumbers with the simple  strategies  to bring in more work.


Have you ever got someone to build you a website or run an ad campaign? I bet you're probably already a few grand down with not much to show for it.

Website guys are usually interested in making things pretty.

 Pretty doesn't pay the bills. You don't need pretty, you need effective. 


Ad agencies come in and  typically burn through a ton of cash , run some Facebook Ads, or Google Ads that don't perform, then shrug their shoulders and head for the hills with their retainer fee.

Nice work if you can get it!..... trust me, I know!

Far too many plumbers are being sold useless ad campaigns or expensive over engineered websites that nobody sees.

It  makes me sick to my stomach to see good people getting ripped off, time & time again.

I'm on a mission to change that!

I want to show you that there's a ton of stuff you can do to bring in new business that doesn't cost a boatload of cash.

That's what the Plumber's Report is all about.

How does that help me Al?

Good question.

In the Plumber's Report, I'll show you tons of easy stuff  you can do to get your name in front of customers at the exact time they need your services.

It's the stuff marketing agencies charge you thousands of dollars a month for.

The brutal truth is once you've handed over your cash, the digital agencies generally hand off these tasks to an intern or junior to do.  They aren't difficult.

I mean, once an ad campaign is up and running, why pay $1000-$5000 per month for "Management", when all they do is log into the ad account once a week to check it's still running.   It's so wrong.

It's the same with social media. How long does it take to whip out your phone and take a picture.  You don't need to be paying a couple of grand a month  to Mr Hipster Man Bun for that stuff.

And don't get me started on the lead vendors.  They flood the search results with directory listings, then once they get a lead, they sell it to you and 3-5 of your competitors, so you end up in a price war or pissing off the customer as you're the 5th plumber that's called them in the past hour.

There's so much you can do yourself  even if you don't know one end of a computer from the other. 

Start picking up tips from the Plumber's Report every month and you'll have step by step help at your fingertips to bring in more customers.

It's not just about websites and google ads. There are tons of strategies both offline and online I'll be covering like:


How do I know?

I've been in the game for a long time.  I've been building websites, providing online marketing and SEO services and writing custom software since early 90's. I've worked in busy digital agencies and software companies and have seen first hand what goes on.

 It's not for me. 

I run my own small business, in a completely different market and I often think about you guys getting shafted over and over by digital agencies.

But it did occur to me, I know a thing or two.

Things that can help you guys out. Therefore I decided to put together a monthly report detailing practical things you can do that will make the most impact for your business.

The majority will be stuff you can do for free. Others tips will be things like where you can buy a truck load of attention for $5 a day.

There's really no need to throw hundreds or thousands of bucks at marketing a plumbing business if you're smart about it.

 I'm going to be showing you everything I know - for the price of a large Starbucks coffee .

I could probably put it all into big course and charge $1997 like the marketing gurus do.

But I don't have the time to put that together,  and if you're like every plumber and contractor I know, you don't have a spare week or two to sit down and go through a course, let alone implement it.

I asked a few old clients what they would prefer, a course, or a few bite sized how-to guides emailed to them every month.  You can guess what the result was.


Tried Before Without Success?

If you've tried to get your business set up online and bringing in new leads, but it hasn't gone well, it's not your fault.  You can't be expected to be across so many technologies when you're busy wading through flooded basements or up to your armpits in who knows what.

If you asked me to plumb in a new bathroom suite, it probably wouldn't go too well either.  Unless of course I had a decent plumber showing me what to do.

The digital agency folks mostly mean well, but it doesn't do them any good to show you the ropes.  Those Merc's don't buy themselves!!

If you, or one of your admin staff can do the job, then  they can't keep sending you those massive invoices  every time you need to make a simple change or run a special offer to fill a quiet day in your schedule.

It doesn't make any sense for THEM to show you the basics, but it makes perfect sense for you learn.

I've got no reason not to spill the beans on how simple some of this stuff is. I'm not in the website or digital advertising game any more. I've got nothing to lose.

Why Now?

We're living in challenging times.  People still need plumbing work. It's essential.  But you need to fight harder than ever to be the business they call first.

People are looking for you online. Usually when they have an urgent problem. Even if they live on your street and see your van going past every day, if they can't find you easily online, they'll call someone else.

So it's important to get your online game on-point, more now than ever.  You just  don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars  to get the job done.

So what exactly is the Plumber's Report?

Glad you asked.

The report is an emailed report that comes out once a month and covers one or two things that you can do to get more work and sales.  It's the stuff almost nobody is doing.

It will mostly be practical online strategies, but there will be things I cover that you can do in real life too.

Reports are anywhere from 10 to 20+ pages depending on what subject we're covering this month. They'll be easy to follow and you'll have a month to implement the tasks before the next report lands.

I should probably be charging $47 per copy for the "Plumber's Report", but I want to help as many people as possible, so I'm keeping it as low as I possibly can (which is $5 per month to cover my email service costs).

I'm not into hype, or bull -  It's electronic, so there aren't limited copies that you need to rush to buy. The doors won't be slamming shut at midnight. No upsells or set of free steak knives.  I'll leave that nonsense to the marketing gurus.


You can grab a copy now by hitting the subscribe button and you'll have your first edition within minute or two.


You've really got nothing to lose.  If you don't see any value after you read it,  I'll buy it back from you , no questions asked.


P.S. If you're looking for ways to

  • Grow your business,
  • Get more work,
  • Learn some new online marketing skills,
  • Dominate your local area,
  • Run rings around your competitors,
  • Be top of mind whenever your clients think about plumbing,    - All for the price of a fancy coffee in Starbucks, then


If you don't want any of that stuff, that's ok too (I'm pretty impressed you read this far though)

P.P.S The report is all there is. I'ts not a lead magnet to get you hooked so I can pitch you coaching or high priced courses. It's 5 bucks. no more, no less, but it gives you practical stuff you can do today to build your business.


Kind regards & take care,



Alan Blackmore

Founder - The Plumbers Report

An Online Group publication.